New #SecondLife Premium Membership Gift Aeroplane – Also 50% Off Membership

Hmm, this little one-seater biplane looks pretty sweet, and I’m told the animations are cute. Second Life has been working lately to make being a Resident fun again (aside from the bug reports that aren’t interactive anymore and the lack of communication by the Markeptplace team with Merchants.

Anyway, this gift is free to paid members and people with “concierge” level membership (ie they own entire islands and estates and pay a boatload of monthly tier (which most try to make up with rents or product sales).I might have to check it out using one of my viewers that has an enhanced mini-map (it’s either Dolphin or Singularity or Firestorm….)

Link: Take to The Skies of Second Life in Your Airplane,… – Second Life


New #SecondLife Premium Membership Gift Aeroplane – Also 50% Off Membership — 1 Comment

  1. I haven’t had much use for the premium gifts, honestly – they’re mostly vehicles, and I’ve never liked vehicles in SL (the non-vehicle flight controls are pretty good – I’ve never seen a vehicle script that came remotely close to being as usable as free flight).

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