Blogger’s Dilemma: To post, to tweet, or to update? That is the question.

After some dithering around today, I think I’ve got things set so that any Tweeter-twit things are posted on a weekly basis and NOT creating a new blog post for every tweet. It’s annoying, but due to changes in Twitter’s API and the original plugin, the plugin I used to use that sent my post links to Twitter AND created a weekly digest now only has as options for post-links, tweets as blogposts, and daily digests. So I had to install a second plugin that will handle the weekly posting duties, and farfle around with the settings on the original plugin. And in the end, I needed 3 plugins to do the work of one.

Originally, Twitter Tools did everything I needed it to do. But then something changed, and the plugin creator advised that I’d have to install the Social plugin (from Mail Chimp). At that point, I didn’t notice that the weekly digest feature had been disabled, and I was distracted by the different way it handled sending post-links to Twitter (and also to my Facebook page, ahem, not much to see there). In fact, there were duplicate tweets and things being posted to the typist’s Facebook page, which was pretty AWK-warrrrrrd at first.

So of course I’ve just enabled a third plugin, which is working on one of my other journals and seems to do what it’s supposed to do. It is Twitter Digest, and thus it will be posting a week’s worth of tweets (within reason) on Mondays.

So enough about that

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