ERMAGERD! SCRIPTRERING! in my #OpenSim standalone

I got these nifty little texture/sculpty organizers working in my private grid, Haleakaloha, a few months back. The script is by Solo Mornington; download it and the README and the base textures at GitHub.

Open Sim Scripting Fun

Open Source Scripting Fun

The cool thing is that it builds itself. You basically lay out 22 box prims and link them. Then you put the textures from the Resources folder on Github in it and install the script, and WHAM, instant low-lag 20-pane texture organizer. It has texture mode and sculpty mode, it checks for perms and advises how many textures were not loaded due to perms issues so you can deal with them, it assigns access to all, owner, or group, and it can display sculpties.

That is, it displayed grey blobs that were vaguely sculptylike, but they were hard to see (the script has a “fullbright” setting that may make it hard for sculpts to show up). I had a vague wish for a way to add a texture to the display prims when they were in sculpty mode, like some of the organizers I have in Second Life (notably, the free ones by Zauber Exonar and Eridanis Boccara).

Short version: I figured out exactly which two places this code had to go:
PRIM_TEXTURE, ALL_SIDES, "78a705fd-c719-43b7-800c-b5eb6fa235bd",<1.0, 1.0, 0.0>, ZERO_VECTOR, 0.0,

Not only that, but I figured out from context how this line of code works based on other lines of code in the script and recombined bits. And it compiled and worked on the first attempt! I nearly fell out of my chair!


So now I can see what sculpties I’ve either made myself (with much swearing) or gotten out of Linda Kellie’s freebies included with some of her OARS. I like the ones I made myself, at some point last year I had progressed to the point of learning how to put an alpha mask on them that is an outline of the sculpt itself (or it could be a logo, but an outline is much more useful).

There’s regular gSculptMode, and there’s zoom gSculptMode, and now you can really see the sculpts. One oddity that I may or may not figure out is that if it’s in Texture Mode and it’s displaying sculpt maps as UV images, in Zoom Mode the texturing grid is what is displayed, on a double-sized prim so it can give the texture to the user. So I guess that’s not that big a deal, it gives the inventory without a problem.

One odd thing about this texture viewer is that the camera bounces around a lot – I think it’s taking camera focus and when the view changes from one mode to the other you have to deal with getting your camera recombobulated.

I managed to get them working in Second Life as well – there was some tinkering that I had to do and sometimes the script itself spontaneously decides it’s no copy/no mod (maybe it picks this up when a texture with those perms is loaded).  Again, quite handy for project or group work, but too light duty to act as a full-bore repository.

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