Now That Easter’s Over I Have No Excuse For Procrastinating

I’m participating in an Antique hunt that starts on Friday – must check in with the organizer and make sure I’ve got all my stuffs in a row.

Here’s what I’ve been working on – I will be adding something to go with it, probably a nice rug made from a new set of tapestry textures I got.


It’s derived from the exquisite Duc du Berry’s “Les Tres Riches Heures” manuscript, using the largest images I could find from a copyright-free museum site. I had to work with the images carefully so that they lined up correctly, as the original digital images weren’t exactly the same size.

I’ve got a couple of hats in development – one really just needs some product photos and decisions about final textures (it’s another texture change one, and probably the last from the one sculpt map I’ve used the most, I’m nearly ready to give mesh a whirl).

I will probably put this and some of the other screens in a Relay for Life vendor along with some of the fountains and other things, to be placed by the weekend at my store. So you don’t have to be an antique hunter to get it, but if you are, you’ll get it for a nominal price (the hunt has a $L10 fee for prizes).

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