Now THIS Makes #SecondLife Look Like An Interesting World To Leap Into. Drax? That you?

Who’s the maker? It looks like Draxtor’s work (that looks like him in the goggles). I recognize a few content providers, artists, builders, and products (I have that one Wasabi Pills mesh hair with the side braid in red). Seems to me Linden Lab is finally taking Resident suggestions to heart in marketing SL:

  1. Make it look COOOL.
  2. Emphasize the CREATIVITY
  3. Show people DOING STUFF like building, dancing, and shooting ZOMBEHS

Interestingly, this video does not have any dialogue – just pounding music, jump cuts, saturated colors, and some text on-screen: “Explore. Share. Create.” and the classic “Your World. Your Imagination.”

That sound at the end? It’s the sound of being sucked down the Matrix’s digital rabbit hole, immediately after taking the Red Pill, which is pretty ironic when you consider that the Red Pill allowed you to escape from the Matrix, “pulled the plug” on the artificial reality, and flushed you into the sewers. The Blue Pill let you stay in your comfortable, womb-like pod.

Link: Second Life – YouTube

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