An alternative to the #SecondLife Marketplace – from Caspertech

For anyone using Caspervend products, there’s now an online marketplace where your products are listed, similar to the Second Life Marketplace, but scripted to be much faster, easier to search, and with better options for showing color variations and demos. It’s found at

I’ve got our stuffs (Dhughan’s and mine) categorized, and it’s all ready to go. I think there’s some kind of promo pack with clickable links and whatnot pending. It seems to load fast, and the categories are pretty nice (you can choose 2 categories plus a theme, like “Historical” or “Asian”).

Need to get a “Hats” category added – Dhughan got “Canes and Walking Sticks” and “Wands and Staves” added last night, so I’ll try it by IMing the tech support person listed on the Caspertech group profile.

There are plans for storefronts and banners for merchants, according to the wiki, but for now my stuff is searchable under my name (and Dhughan’s under his).

UPDATE: added the proverbial missing link to the CasperTech Wiki. And I’m still boggled that a search for any basic, generic keyword still shows some of my products on the first page – this can’t last.


An alternative to the #SecondLife Marketplace – from Caspertech — 7 Comments

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  2. Good Lord! Somebody read this post – I’m used to having comments from one or two inworld friends and a massive amount of syntactically-challenged spam.

  3. I never saw the IM, but happened to run across the blog post today, so “Hats” are now added. 🙂

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  5. This is the most. Comments. Evar. On a post. I think that’s more because of pent-up demand for a better Marketplace, which PrimBay can only satisfy partially.

    I struggled for a long time with various vendors before trying Caspervend. Mistletoe swears by Hippovend, but I didn’t take to it.

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