Workflow: Using Blender for Second Life and Opensim from Ferd Frederix

The last time I visited Ferd’s invaluable Phaze Demesnes website to check on a script, I noticed that he had a workflow for working with Blender for Second Life or OpenSim, but it was leading to a 404 error. It’s been updated with a checklist in several parts, which I need to read carefully to see what his process is. Mine probably has more screaming and frustrated ragequits…

There are differences in standard Blender models and Second Life/OpenSim that must be taken care of. There are also several plugins and add-ons, some free, some not, that make Blender work really well for Second Life modeling. This post shows you my setup and my workflow. Not everything I do is necessary for modeling for Second Life, but some of my settings may prove useful to you in your ramblings around in the wonderful world of Second Life and Blender.

via Using Blender for Second Life and Opensim.

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