Stick Needs Moar Werk

Time for boycat Dinkies and male Tinies to have a decent walking stick with simple animations – so I started to adapt the Ivory Walking Stick, which is old enough to need some freshening up.

I started by testing some nicer textures for the ivory, and setting it in a sort of cup-bezel with engraved silver fittings (I may play with materials a bit if they don’t add greatly to the land impact (LI). Then I resized it to the right length for a Dinkie or Tiny avatar, and got the pos/rot information with a script so as to update the control script. At last, I hopped smartly on to a pose stand to run it through the animations to test various positions and rotations.

Suicide Kitty Cane

It appears to need a little more work.

In any case, it won’t take long to correct, I’ll have to adjust things to account for the portly/dumpy figure of the Dinkies mesh avatar. It will come with a simple top hat. The tailcoat is by Kaosome Hotshot, the AV is by Etheria Parrott, and already the Dinkies have a lively and fun community, though of course we boycats don’t have a lot of choices for outfits. I hope to do something to correct that.

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