Zero Brush Addon By: Blender Sensei

As seen at Blender Nation – an intriguing and very intuitive texturing and painting addon for Blender that’s getting a lot of buzz in comments. For one thing, it’s easy to use, and for another, it’s free. There is a library of free textures as well – the license seems to be free to use for commercial applications, no mention of any restrictions for Second Life. The main product looks interesting, a productivity and organizational suite for Blender called Sensei Format that has a lot of useful tweaks and tools for serious Blender artists (especially useful: integrated texture and materials libraries along with a render preview).

Zero Brush by Blender Sensei

Also another video tutorial by the developer/designer:

I’ve installed this plugin and played with it a little – the bumpmapping and specular part alone makes it worth a look for anybody working with Blender. I’m now up to version 2.71 in Blender and slowly making my way through my various tutorials that I’ve found online, and books found online too.

There’s a texture pack available on the video description that can be loaded up as a brush library – a good basic set that seems to be the same full complement of all the categories available from the Blender Sensei site.

I’ve downloaded it but it’ll need to be unzipped and placed somewhere handy for use, as it’ll work as a texture library for GIMP projects as well. There’s nothing fancy, just basic stuff to stand in for better custom textures on my projects.

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