My Big Fat Geek Suggestion for Second Life – Group Pages with RSS Feeds!

What’s the one thing Linden Lab could do that would have the biggest impact on further improving your Second Life experience?

Many Second Life users have thoughts on this – from different approaches for the way things are done today, to brand new features that could dramatically improve their experiences, to seemingly small things that could have a big impact. Today, we’re launching an easier way to share your ideas with us, a new “Feedback & Suggestions” page on You can also find this page by going to Help and finding New Feature Suggestions in the drop down.

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I admit, I haven’t been very active lately, and haven’t been logging in. Yet I stay more or less current by reading blogs, Twitter feeds, and checking in on Facebook with Second Life friends (including some Steelhead denizens).

However, my mailboxen get totally crammed full of group notices, marketing notices, and stuff that I pretty much delete en masse. I’d like to stay current and maybe hear about a new class I could take (classes are always a good way for me to get recharged about things like building, creating, and trying something new).

Indigo Mertel recently blogged about some suggestions she would like that are specific to groups, and then she added a few more. She is founder of the East River Community, so improvements to group communication are clearly her motivation.

My motivations are less lofty; I just want to remove all the excess chaff from my (multiple) inboxes.

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I’ve submitted my suggestion, but of course there’s no upvote capability so I’d apprecate if readers could also add a similar suggestion if they find the idea helpful! Let’s reduce the crap from our inboxen and free ourselves from the tyranny of email!

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