Pini Shop Closed: Rebranding

I sent out a group message but need to re-write and re-send it, also need to send a notecard to a couple of marketing groups: the Pini shop has been closed.

I sold the land on to someone who’s working on a big railway project and needed some space. I checked with an acquaintance in the old Cafe Wellstone group (most of us used to hold almost the entire sim in Pini, in smallish parcels).

To do: need to set up the building I’m renting in St John as a shop, or substitute something in period that would do. It needs open doors and a bit of a verandah on both ground floor and second level. It’s on the trolley line (right where the trolley turns) and I believe it’s also on the Mardi Gras parade route. Also to do: something new for Mardi Gras, which is very early this year.

The St Helens Dry Goods brand will be retired. I may go with something as simple as ~SHDG~ which I’ve used on ad banners at SLU before. It would be a bit of an ironic twist on the name of an old-fashioned department store from my misspent RL youth, so that has appeal.

Dhughan’s outlet shop in Tweddle is open and all my vendors are there. My Marketplace needs to be revamped, with some very dated stuff needing to come down and go in the burn barrel. And new stuff needs to be thought up and made and textured and photographed… so many steps to be taken, any one of which can be interrupted by any damn thing, including an overpowering desire to cheat at solitaire.

And oh, shit-oh-dear, all the item pages have to be updated to remove the old links showing St Helens, on my pages and on Dhughan’s as well. WHAT fun.

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