Blender Resources For The Deeply Befuddled

This page will hold links to some of the tutorials I’ve found helpful, illuminating, or have bumbled across numerous times in search of answers. Also found here will be stuff relating to OpenSim, as it is useful to have a locally hosted OpenSim private grid as a test bed for uploading meshes and textures.


Added these only because I need them all in one handy place…

Blender Cookie
Blender Nation
Blender Guru
Haven Ditko’s YouTube channel – beginning Blender series here
Canned Mushrooms Blender TRL Tutorials on YouTube – in depth series in class format
Blender 3D: Noob to Pro
Blender 3D Design Course by Neil Hirsig. See below for link to textbook.
The Complete Guide to Blender Graphics (Computer Modeling and Animation by John M. Blain

Second Life or OpenSim-specific Content Creation – THANK YOU fellow creators!

Machinimatrix – Avastar paid add-on for Blender creation for Second Life
Nalate’s Things N Stuff – Blender category Anything here is useful!
Loki Eliot’s Digital Mischief Maker blog – Making a Mesh category When frustrated, remember Loki’s advice and “have a play.”
Kats Bits Blender and other content management tutorials
Aine Caoimhe’s OpenSim blog – really useful Blender tutorials!
Ferd Frederix’ Blender Workflow steps – Open Sim and Second Life
Diva Canto’s Metaverse Ink blog
Sim on a Stick maintained by Ener Hax
Hypergrid to Go – an alternative OpenSim method using SUSEStudio (better security?)
Previously I used NewWorldStudio but the files became corrupted; no longer updated.
Maria Korolov’s HyperGrid Business blog – How To’s for Blender, etc.
Aquila Kytori’s SL Community thread on Ambient Occlusion
Ashasekayi’s Clothing Tutorials for Blender
SL Community thread on TopologySL Community thread on Rigging
Zadaroo – repository of free Linda Kellie content for OpenSim
Pay It Forward Building School – videos by Chic Aeon
My Blender Collection on G+

GIMP discussion of InsaneBump plugin for GIMP
Gimp Chat Forum – these people are insane in a good way
VScorpianC’s YouTube channel – GIMP and Blender tutorials and much more
GIMPTricks’ You Tube Channel – inactive for 4 years, but got me started!


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