[TUTORIAL] Texturing your meshes without having “black lines” or seams

I’ve noticed quite a few meshes in-world often have black lines on their textures, either on the edge of the mesh’s UV seams, during download, or… — Read on community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/419611-tutorial-texturing-your-meshes-without-having-black-lines-or-seams/ I struggle with unwrapping and texturing. So this is helpful. … Continue reading

Blender Resources For The Deeply Befuddled

This page will hold links to some of the tutorials I’ve found helpful, illuminating, or have bumbled across numerous times in search of answers. Also found here will be stuff relating to OpenSim, as it is useful to have a locally hosted OpenSim private grid as a test bed for uploading meshes and textures.

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