So Much To Catch Up On!

After yet another long break from virtual reality, I got back in the saddle, got a group gift out at my shops, and decided to start some new kit projects.

Once again, starting my biennial tussle with Blender, and managed to update one of my previous items, a versatile little crate. I was very excited to discover a VERY comprehensive class offered by Graham Dartmouth of Blender Benders, and attended the introductory class for the Green group.

A chance comment by my friend Mistletoe led me to DFS (Digital Farm Systems) and the last 3 weeks have been spent in a flurry of activity, taking a 2000m flat green parcel and turning it into a productive farm (livestock, produce, manure) and setting up market stalls and “Pop-Karts” at my roadside farm stands.

It’s addictive but also a structured way to produce new content and products, which has recharged my SL batteries! It has been a great experience, meeting new people and getting excited about new projects.

See all this activity via my Flickr photostream and my SL profile feed; please follow for updates!

I will be participating in the grid-wide STEAM HUNT XIV after passing on it for several years. I was touched to receive a personal invitation from organizer Perryn Petersen; he must have seen my daily, near constant presence building, planting, tending, and harvesting. He also invited me to show products at the Hunt Expo. The hunt will be 01MAR-31MAR, and my Steelhead Bay dry goods shop will be the stop.

Landmarks are in the photos for now.


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