Previously, This Happened: Ice Cream Emergency!


Ice Cream Emergency in Second Life!

URGENT ICE CREAM EMERGENCY!! Due to an error with a time machine, this ice cream freezer is located in an era without electricity! Please halp! DFS Ice Cream Cones $L5, DFS Ice Cream Tubs $L10… or until it melts.

Tamura Visit location

As a sales promotion, this worked REALLY WELL. The folks at DFS have a fun and actually pretty addictive product, but the sales notices from hundreds of people get kind of tedious. It just made sense to “make ’em laugh.” And also, I sold out of virtual ice cream really fast. I’m trying to simplify my Second Life by focusing on just a few primary products for this DFS thing, and get rid of old stock that wasn’t priced low enough to move. Interesting.

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