Reverted back to the old #WordPress theme because I am An OLD.

Also, no thank you, Herr #Gutenberg. I’m reverting back to the Classic Editor. The CLASSIC Classic editor, not your faux-classic sneaky actually a block editor. Nyah.

A couple of days ago I was unable to sleep and, as making major website changes is not recommended at 3 in the morning, I certainly did make them. I didn’t back up my site here, and I applied a “modern, clean, not crusty” theme called “Free Writer” from Elegant Themes. It seemed to have nice features for adding header images, etc, but when I tried to get a yes, old-fashioned 3-column layout done on the Appearances/Widgets page, I could not figure out how the “blocks” were supposed to be set up so that there was a sidebar on either side of my woefully inadequate content. Nope, nope nope, I thought it was because I was doing it on my iPhone. At 3am, remember.

So yesterday and up until about 30 minutes ago, I futzed around off and on trying to get sidebar/content/sidebar, and the elements that I was trying to put in sidebards were stubbornly going above the content.

Eh. So I installed a plugin called Classic Widgets, which as draggable objects instead of the whiffty blocks that weren’t going where I wanted. And then I got annoyed with the whole block post interface and turned off Automattic’s in-house “classic editor” and enabled the Really Classic Editor.

I am an Old. I qualify by chronology and temperament.

Now to figure out how to get the new-cool-kids social media links for Mastodon working. There’s a Twitter widget over there whose days are numbered, and I’m hoping for some kind of nice embed of my Mastodon posts.

And then there’s my backup SL Marketplace blog, which is at – it’s no longer getting crossposted from here due to some changes that WordPress/Automattic made, so it’s even more outdated. Le sigh.

I’m not going to touch the latest and greatest #Fediverse development on ActivityPub or Hub or whatever until I’m sure I’ve got things sorted here.

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