Lily Pad Lounge No More

Dammit! The Lily Pad closed when I wasn’t looking. I’d been there a few times early in my Residency and always got a kick out of the frog decor.

The Lily Pad Lounge has closed | Your2ndPlace

After 7 years and as of Monday, June 7, 2010 Drift Monde has closed the Lily Pad Lounge. Sunday was the last performances by Anaconda Carter and Starr Singer. Both ladies have been singing at the Lily Pad every other Sunday for years. 5 years for Starr and 3 years for Ana.
The Lily Pad Lounge has been an icon in the aid of lauching live entertainment in Second Life. There are many artists who have started their SL careers on that stage singing to the frogs.

Why? Because the owner, Drift Monde, has drifted away from Second Life, as many content creators have done over the last year or so. More will continue to drift away as the increasingly “corporate over creative” culture at Linden Labs makes it clear that creative people aren’t what LL is looking to retain.

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