Uh Ohs

I haven’t been inworld much lately as I’ve been working on a web project – but this announcement after all the hoopla over the new viewer is no doubt causing a bit of a flap in the content-provider community.

I’m a much more casual, social user, but even I can see that a 30% reduction in staff is… a bombshell.

Hope to make it inworld this week, finally, now that my little project is finally done.

Linden Lab Restructures to Generate Efficiencies and Support Investment in New Platforms — SAN FRANCISCO, June 9 /PRNewswire/ —

As part of the restructuring, Linden Lab will also improve its geographic and cost efficiencies. The company’s product and engineering divisions will be combined. The software development teams will be consolidated in North America and customer support will be reconfigured to provide more scalable services. As a result, Linden Lab anticipates staff reductions of approximately 30 percent.

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