Selling Parcels In Tintafel UPDATE: 1 Down, 2 To Go

I’ve listed the following parcels for sale but of course it takes Search forever to register them as such – and I reduced the price on the first one, which of course is still showing at the original price on the big map. Now I see why so many SLoggers complain about search, in my dim and vaguely informed way.

Current prices are set for $L2500 for the 512 parcels and $L5000 for the 1024 but I’m totally open to offers. I just didn’t want them to sell off to bots before some of my neighbors and friends had a chance to take a look. IM me or drop a notecard, any reasonable offer cheerfully entertained (with tea and biscuits)!

UPDATE: the first parcel sold today. This cheers me up no end. In the meantime I’ve been building my new house on the big parcel that I’ll be keeping for doing larger builds on.

First parcel – 512 “Primlot” on the northwest side of Tintafel. SOLD!

That’s all right then – seems I guessed about right on the going rate in the area.  Now for the last two that I’m letting go:

Second Life land in Tintafel

512 Primlot on the West side of Tintafel

Second parcel – 512 “Greenhouse” on the west side (contiguous with larger 1024 parcel)

Second Life land in Tintafel

1024 parcel adjoins Greenhouse 512 parcel

Third and largest parcel – 1024 “Nursery” on the west side, contiguous with “Greenhouse”

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