Imprudence Wiki Full of Spam, Does Not Bode Well #SecondLife

I just installed the latest version of the Imprudence viewer so that I can use the wonderful resource files at, which require Imprudence to upload/import into Second Life. I really used to like Imprudence before all the Viewer 2/3 hoo-ha, and I still miss some features, like free temporary uploads, build tool presets, the onboard AO, and yes, boob physics.

I happened to look at the wiki for some reason (fun fact! “wiki” is a Hawaiian word, meaning “quick”). I think I wanted to know how recently someone had put some time in on it, so I clicked “Recent changes.”

Oops. Might want to fix that, it’s not a good sign if you want people to trust the website to download code.

29 December 2011

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via Main Page – Kokua Wiki

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