Why I’m (Still) Not Buying Mesh Apparel: The Gospel According To @Ordinal Still Valid

The renowned builder and scripter Ordinal Malaprop posted about the Problem with Mesh back in September:

Here, for instance, is a tie. It is a nice tie, but clearly floats a little way above my chest, and this is fairly obvious in person. “Oh well,” was my immediate reaction, “I will just resize it a little”. Well, one can’t do that. “Oh. Well, in that case, I will move it down a little on my body.” One can’t do that either. “Oh. Well, I will take it off then.”

It seems to be extremely difficult to right-click and edit such mesh attachments in the first place, which I suppose is reasonable given that one appears not to be able to do anything with them anyway.

via Mesh, bodies and broken clothes | An Engine Fit For My Proceeding

Even though it seems that some kind of “mesh deformer” solution is now in alpha according to Nalates Urriah, I’m holding off on buying mesh clothes or accessories. Not only has this problem been left undealt with by Second Life for months after the introduction of mesh, it was left to a former Linden, Qarl Fizz (not sure if he’s contracting to do the coding or volunteering). That said, there’s no rush to buy until they work the bugs out – literally – via reports on the JIRA.

Meh. I’m not going to mess with mesh for now. Besides which, until everybody is on a “modern” viewer, mesh wearers will look like blobs to people still using older versions.


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