Weekly Tweets 2012-01-01

  • @ElrikMerlin Listening rather surreptitiously to Radio Riel at work. This tune is used in the Episcopal hymnal, rather different words… #
  • @donttrythis Pork belly? To eat and not shoot, blow up, or leave to rot? Weird, but happy New Year! #
  • @MoodyLoner Funny, was sure they wanted to take the country back to at least 1850. #
  • @ElrikMerlin Ah well, it was hours ago now. Celtic tune, the title info said "Mr. P-something's" tune. Will try to ID later. #
  • @ElrikMerlin It was Playford! I'll try to figure out which tune it was… I do know we sang it pretty recently. šŸ˜‰ #
  • And now, what is Dhughan going to do with that parcel? Time to ruminate on the Building of Things. #SecondLife #
  • @TLEclipse Busy, busy you. Hope to see you inworld again somehow (my busy busy time ended 25DEC) #
  • Back inworld after… seems like forever. Ran into old friends, want to have fun again. Is this thing on? #SecondLife #SL #

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