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Bug is here! I maded a dress today. Akshully, I made the skirt a while ago, but decided to start building a whole dress, AND I managed to make my own fabric for it.

This is what it looks like so far. I made gingham (on a pixelated LOOM and everything) and added a border with dandy lions on it. It’s very summery because winter is BORING and grey.

I have to learn how to do sleeves, these ones don’t move right. They’d be okay for shoulder straps or cap sleeves, though. I safety-pinned everything and went to a pawty in Raglan Shire. Maybe I’ll add some flexi inner sleeves later. I could make this REAL PRETTY. And then I need a dandelion to blow. Uh, that means particles and stuffs.

And then I’d have to make some shiny black shoes. I’ve always been barepaw in SL since mostly going around all tiny. I like making stuffs.

I’ve never done that before, and I never danced before either, but here I am. The typist complains she’s stuck so mebbe I’ll show her how to relax and have many funs.

So how do you start making clothes for tinies? In some ways it’s completely different from humanoid (biggie) clothes, but in other ways it’s really similar. Most of the clothing for humanoids is created in a graphics program and then imported in as a texture. Prims (primitive shapes) can be added to it, but the base of the outfit is made of textures applied to the built-in clothing options (i.e., in appearance mode > create new socks).

One of the designers I admire has said several times that every time she starts a new tiny outfit it begins with an egg.

Tiny clothing needs to fit around prim bodies. You can’t use the built-in clothes templates that SL has. Instead of starting with textures, clothes for tinies always start with prims.

via Delight – Tiny avatar clothing, accessories, and more!: Making Clothes for Tinies

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