Plain Gold-Headed Cane Slim – $L100 For Stylish Strolling About #Secondlife #SLMarketplace

New walking stick or cane listed at the Marketplace:

This simple, dignified cane will take you easily from the sketchy dark corners of New Babbage to society soirees in Steelhead, Caledon, or Winterfell.

It will prop you up when tired, and give you something to do with your hands. Sit with care – some sits are cane-friendly, others are not.

Highly recommended: works well with the excellent "Gentleman Jim Full" or "Gentle Jim Light" Victorian AOs, available from Kamilah Hauptmann’s Posture is Everything on the Marketplace.

The cane is fully optimized to take advantage of Her Lyonesse’s amusing typing and hat-tipping animations. The cane will move as your position changes using the included AO, or the P.I.E. AOs.

Should you require a different length, simply click Edit, then check Edit Linked, then click the wooden shaft and stretch it to fit. There is no ferrule to go astray.

via Second Life Marketplace – @DF@ Plain Gold-Headed Cane Slim

I should like to give a glowing review on the Marketplace page for the Gentleman Jim AO, but I purchased mine at her shop inworld. I offer my cane AO simply to help get you started, but in any case attach the cane to your hand pointing straight down (right hand is preferred, if you use the more advanced AOs, due to rotation tricks).

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