Royal Wedding or Ascot Hats Fat Pack in #SecondLife #SLMarketplace

Introducing the Royal Wedding or Ascot Hat Fatpack. When unboxed you’ll have 7 hats, plus one extra rotated for a side-brim look.

7 Summer Wedding or Ascot Hats

Royal Wedding/Ascot Hats Fat Pack

Colors: Allspice, Blueberry, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Grape, Laurel, and Mustard. Also sold separately.

Great for spring or summer weddings, garden parties, polo events, or just looking elegantly cool and collected.

  • Late Victorian/Edwardian Style
  • Prim/Sculpt construction
  • Fits Mesh or Classic Avatars
  • Resizeable (larger size fits bigger hair for a different look)
  • Rotate for a side view look!

via Second Life Marketplace – @LC@ Royal Wedding or Ascot Hats Fat Pack.

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