Time Lord Walking Sticks – For Time Travelers And Country Gentlemen

Huzzah and such! A new product (actually, a pair of them):

Time Lord Walking Stick at Second Life Marketplace

Time Lord Walking Stick - Dark Ram's Horn

In honor of the newest Doctor, the walking stick of the First Doctor. This is a common country-gentleman style, so it’s not limited to SF roleplay.

via Second Life Marketplace – @DF@ Timelord Walking Stick – Light Ram's Horn.

I’m very happy to get this done, it’s been a hard slog of prim-twisting, image-wrangling, and animation-tweaking (not to mention script-monkeying).

Good Lord, is that the time? Doesn’t matter, just hop in the old TARDIS and arrive just in time for breakfast, well rested!

The sticks are in honor of The First Doctor, who carried a similar walking stick and apparently fended off something called the Zarbi with it.

This new Doctor Who feller may well end up with a cane, too, if his rabid fan based have anything to say about it. There might be bunnies.

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