DJ St Paddy Style in Second Life

Second Life DJs for St Patrick's Day

My friend DJ Pb Recreant has a regular gig playing tunes at the Blue Booby Bar in Escanes, mostly for members of the Cafe Wellstone politics and news chat group. He always has a pretty eclectic mix and takes requests.

On a whim I sent copies of the new St Patrick’s Day mesh vest for men that I put together from a kit to him and some of the other Cafe Wellstone guys, after he sent out a group message announcing the gig. Very kindly he sent back this screencap showing off the vest! That was really nice of him.

So of course I wrapped up the stuff I was doing and headed over to relax and listen to some not-quite-Irish remixes and interesting cuts of Celtic goodness.

It was a fun evening, always is as the Blue Booby Bar, whose motto is “My Eyes Are Up Here!”

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