An Amazing Day

The typo-monkey’s week off is nearly over, but we were productive today, and made new friends, too.

Lela's Place is Open for Business

The shop in St John is open, although the doors keep closing.

Although I didn’t take pictures, at one point I had 3 Dinkies AVs in the shop looking at my stuff and met new friends Chronometria and Abya, along with an old friend Jesa Li, whose storytelling project is really getting interesting.

Earlier, I met Chronometria at Tinys Inc. – she was willing to have me check how the fedora fits on a Dinkies BUNNEH avatar, and is it ever cute:

Chrono Bunneh Ears

Those ears just slay meh, they are so cute. The fur lays like real fur would along all the curves. And her eyes blink and the mouth moves when she types.

Chrono made a lot of really helpful suggestions and urged me to think about fixing the “pet beds” so that Dinkies can sleep on them, like on this bed she put together from freebies.

Chronometria Demos a Dinkies Bed

Before the Invasion of the Dinkies, which was really a ton of fun and exhilarating, I heard crashing sounds from outside of the shop.

CiCi's Taxi Jitney

It was an adorable yellow jitney or tuk-tuk, that my neighbor CiCi was driving around somewhat randomly and optimistically around St John Parish’s narrow streets (the French Quarter predates concepts of modern city design).

But with all of that going on, I managed to work on several variants of the “snappy fedora” ilk and get them listed on the SL Marketplace and in Caspervend. With the new “Viewer Managed Marketplace” way of doing things, I have to say it’s a snap. It all got migrated for me over the summer while the typo-monkey was off gallivanting, and I came back to find it was all done. Creating new listings is easy, updating old ones is even easier.

I do wonder what’s up with Caspervend’s Prim Bay:


But in any case here’s what’s now done and dusted:


Not only that, but I set up all the former pet beds as “Dinkie’s Sleep” beds. Will have to refresh the listings and then see about making frames and doing them in mesh later.

And that’s about it.

Possible future projects – furniture, in mesh. Feeling inspired, but first Dhughan needs to get “on the stick” and get his own 2 pending projects done.

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