Beginner Blender Tutorial With A Written Recipe

My mouse skills in Blender are a challenge, because I usually use a Marble Man trackball mouse. I have a wireless trackball with a scroll wheel but there’s a bit of lag. I have conventional mice, but desk space and chair height don’t work ergonomically. I struggle to find the sweet spot between comfort, convenience, and convention, as I’ve switched Blender’s maddening right-select behavior.

Even though this is Cycles, I might be able to follow this and finally train muscle memory beyond the brink of my current impasse.

Tutorial: How to model a medieval house – 3D Low-Poly Game Modeling for Beginners – Olde Tinkerer Studio
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Beginner Blender Tutorial With A Written Recipe — 4 Comments

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  2. I use the same trackball! And yeah, the lack of a third button or scroll wheel has been a problem in some apps. But it’s really the only thing I’ve found that works for lefties at a reasonable price (i.e. without without paying over a hundred dollars for a leftie-specific trackball.)

  3. The wireless is rightie-specific. At least now I nearly have it down as far as the remapping/alternate keys and buttons for scrolling.

  4. Yeah, far too many trackballs (and “ergonomic” mice) are right-handed only.

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