Castaway Again

Thanks to +FerdFrederix, my connection issues have been resolved (all my own fault).

To celebrate, I picked up a few odds and ends. There were a LOT of quality items at the HG Safari region on the Francogrid. I’ve been following the saga of the HG Safari traveling club for a long time, it was fun to see their beautifully decorated HQ. This was where I found 3 – THREE – nice female AOs. No more duckwalk for me!

Also found my way to Taarna Welles’ wonderful emporium where I found this fun steampunk outfit. I was trying to adjust the skirt (it was way too short and needed to sit lower) when I flipped it inside out on my head.

Unfortunate. This won’t be my new profile picture.

After I got back, I had a lot of stuff in “My Suitcase,” the special folder that holds the stuff you pick up (most of it free) in Open Sim. One of them was a simple mesh dress that’s gorgeous – I retextured it 3 different ways with my own textures and now I have 4 dresses (likely all I’ll need).

Now I’ll have to go back to +TaarnaWelles shop and pick up some nice heels. The generic stuff won’t cut it.

I don’t have much evening time tomorrow. Maybe Thursday I’ll be able to check in with SL friends.

Also need to find some time for more work on the bowler hat, and make a start updating my sculpty-based SL hats in Blender. I think I could make a decent facsimile of the shape, now.

Last: still waiting for some action from Vivox re: voice. I’d love to use my sandbox as a “woodshed” practice area for some heavy choral stuff I have coming up.

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