Finally: The Dratted Jade Cane Is Now Scripted And I’m Going To Bed

Sharp-eyed consumers had noted the rather good deal offered with the simple cane-friendly AO that I had offered for free on the Marketplace; rather than build a “demo” cane, I threw in an older unscripted cane that had always sold rather well (at a lower price than the scripted ones that worked well with Posture is Everything’s Gentleman Jim AO, which I recommend highly).

This deal, being free and at no cost, zero virtual ducats, was selling rather briskly. Or “Raw-THER” as Papa was wont to say.

Sad to say, but all good things must come to an end. An unscripted jade cane with a large DEMO box attached is now included with the free AO HUD that uses cane-friendly full perm animations that I’d collected.

A new version of the jade cane, with slightly richer textures and some slight changes in size and rotation, is now available. It is scripted to be compatible with my own simple AO and also works well with the more complicated rotations demanded by PIE’s Gentleman Jim AO. I shall be adding more images later, but for now I pronounce this product GREATLY IMPROVED!!

Greatly Improved Jade Handled Walking Stick

And now to bed.

via Second Life Marketplace – @DF@ Ivory-Headed Walking Stick (c/m/nt) with NEW AO

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