Jade Walking Stick with Simple AO — $L100 #SLMarketplace

Simple, elegant walking stick – 4 prims
Suitable for either males or females (add female anims)
Compatible with Posture is Everything’s Gentleman Jim LIGHT and FULL GJ Cane AOs
Now with FREE ZHAO-II MB2 with simple cane-friendly walks, stands, and sits.
Adds debonair style to your Victorian, Steampunk, or Edwardian roleplay

$L100 via Second Life Marketplace – @DF@ Jade Walking Stick

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Blue “Chagall” Glass Wall Fountain — $L75

Blue “Chagall” Glass Wall Fountain with scripted sounds on/off and volume controls. You can reduce the sounds to 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 volume as well as mute by touching the glass. Turn on projector lighting by touching gold lamp (one … Continue reading

Yet Another Streaming Radio App: TuneIn Is Pretty Awesome, Actually.

UPDATE: had to go hunt down a valid URL again for WXRT’s HD “New Music” stream to load into another Internet radio player. I don’t have TuneIn on my old laptop; for that I use Clementine, which is kind of twitchy but works on desktops like WinAmp did, but also scrobbles tracks via Last.fm or Audioscrobbler.

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