Tiltviewer: Awesome 3D Display Of Your #Flickr Stream Except It Requires Flash #iPadSad

Thanks to a pointer from @LindaKellie, I explored the downloads, scripts and recommended tools for Second Life at Ferd Frederix’ incredible site Phaze Desmesne. This Flickr viewer thing is so very shiny. I had already spent days looking at the … Continue reading

Listened to Radio Riel: Una Música Brutal Last Night, It Soothed The Savage Builder

Dhughan here, recommending Music For Builders. Whilst messing about with floating lanterns that fell 500 metres and buried themselves in abandoned mines in Steelhead St Helens, I listened to an excellent programme, hosted live by Carter Denja. Radio Riel is … Continue reading

Chinese New Year in #Steelhead: Be There Or Be Eaten By Gojira

Ooh! Fun events to entertain and distract the discerning Steampunk resident: R.S.V.P. to Mr TotalLunar Eclipse; be there or he’ll eat you and stomp on your house, in that order. That may seem unnecessarily harsh, to destroy your home after … Continue reading

#SL Blender dropping COLLADA support – DON’T PANIC, Keep Calm And Carry On

As forum poster Chosen Few helpfully noted: After the initial posting, cooler heads prevailed, including Gaia Clary, who’s the Blender/JASS/Primstar maven at Machinimatrix. And then Domino Marama weighed in – the creator of the scripts that so many Second Life … Continue reading