Tips For a Writing Useful Group Marketing Posts

If you’re going to sell virtual products, you’ve got to market virtual products.

I get a LOT of emails from various marketing groups (I have IMs set to go to emails). Most of those messages are about new products, and they get deleted immediately, because the SUBJECT LINE tells me nothing about the new product. Most inworld marketers waste the title or subject line by using it to say “New! At Mystore!” Or they say “Brand Name at Big Shopping Event” or even goofy messages like “Check notecard for the new stuff! Kiss-kiss!”

What??? I have to go inworld to find the notecard, or check past date group notices? Tell me what it is and why I might want to visit your store to get it, I might not be inworld right away.

When I do get a new product out, I try to follow a consistent format so I don’t forget an important detail, like a SLurl. I market to a few, well-targeted groups (most of my stuff is pretty niche).

That subject line has to make the new product POP. Adding extra detail in an attached notecard with product pictures and landmarks is great, but tell your potential customers about your great new product in the (limited) message area of the group notice.

Here’s a good example of a “new product” group marketing message:


Group Notice From: [Well-Targeted Group of potential customers], (Your Avatar Name)
[Short Greeting]
[New Product Information at Store/Brand Name!]
[Additional interesting detail, related products, fun features only found at your inworld store]
[Store group joiner or subscribo location]
[Freebies, hunts, or group gifts available]
[Thank your customers, add best contact method]
[SLURL to your inworld store]

I can’t believe how many store owners post to shopping groups with only a “New at Brandname” subject and “Details in the notecard” in the message. Same for store groups.

Had to make a memo of this for the next time I release a product, or improve an older one. That reminds me, Dhughan needs to get on the stick about his sticks, too.

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