Blender: Straighten Up And UV Right

Finally, I got something figured out with Blender! After much looking around, got a clear answer from Blender Stack Exchange.

Tiny Hat Fedora Test

How can I straighten ALL the vertical UV lines at once? Is there a hotkey short cut? Or if I have to do them one by one .. is there at shortcut for that? Thank you!

Source: How do I straight UV map’s – Blender Stack Exchange

The answer turned out to be both “There’s an app for that!” which didn’t work, and “do it the old school way, like a boss,” which did. The instructions are beautifully clear, concise, and helpfully illustrated with GIFs that repeat so that you can watch the steps as it’s done.

I tried to install the app but didn’t seem to succeed. However, it may require a restart or even a reboot.

After more than a year languishing on my hard drive and stressing me out, I finally got the “Tiny Hat” fedora model unwrapped – more or less correctly, I think, although there are a couple of issues I need to solve, and I need to tweak the “faces” to add at least one more for the top.

Uploaded to Haleakaloha, my test grid, and the LI says “0” which is bunk, everything on the home grid is free.

Reminders and checklist:

  • It’s friggin huge, needs to be resized down before uploading
  • No need to upload with textures, remember to uncheck that.
  • I do have an AO map along with the UV map and also a shaded/diffuse AO map (with the colors I set for the materials).
  • Need to figure out how to add edges between 2 stray vertices that I can only see on the UV map,not on the model. Whut the whut now?
  • The first iteration will end up as a group gift YAY.
  • More new stuff to come.

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