My Word It Seems Branding Is In Order

Dhughan here, after a long break rambling about at random.

My new shop in St John, a city based on New Orleans circa 1915, has opened softly. Or is that “soft opened?” Perhaps it has come in on little cat feet, tapping along with a stick in the mirk.

In any case, it seems I’m in need of a new logo, or brand or somesuch marketing whizzery, so here it is for now. Subject to change at the drop of a hat.


It links to my Flickr page, where many product photos live, and where many more new product photos will soon reside. I have suddenly come all over with a bad case of the meshles, a communicative disease caused by using a gadget called Blender. When infected with the meshles, someone must hold your hand and walk you through it patiently with aetheric visual talkies.

And now that I have a logo, I can do something else quite reckless and bold.

Having recently watched two aetheric talkies on Blender showing a simple new technique for making something in mesh, it has occurred to me like a thunderclap that my next walking stick must be in mesh. I own a real-life example to work from, it is a simple form, and it is perfectly suited to this method.

Suddenly, I am quite excited to have a bad case of the meshles! Wish me luck!

Here are the talkies. The one on trees is quite mesmerizing. The one on the genie bottle is well presented and clearly shows How It’s Done.

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