Kipling Rock on the Clackamas River: Add Rock, Blend Well

I tried and failed numerous times to create and bake a simple sculptmap of a blob. It was just a practice blob, and I got it to work ONCE, which was encouraging. But every other time, the steps seemed to be different. Things weren’t on the menu that had been there before. My inner volcano erupted, and much screaming, bad language, and tears of frustration ensued (luckily no one else was home except the cat, who wisely chose to remain upstairs).

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Kipling Rock on the Clackamas River: Virtual Project for Steelhead St Helens in Second Life

Hands bloodied and soaked from the waist down, Rudyard Kipling was happy. Not just happy, “utterly, supremely, and consummately happy,” the famed author wrote, lying on the bank of the Clackamas River next to the first salmon he’d ever caught.

Today, historians and fishermen say it was actually steelhead Kipling and his two companions nabbed that day in June 1889, but it’s a minor discrepancy in an otherwise fondly written account of the trip that has resonated with anglers and local residents for more than a century.

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Tiltviewer: Awesome 3D Display Of Your #Flickr Stream Except It Requires Flash #iPadSad

Thanks to a pointer from @LindaKellie, I explored the downloads, scripts and recommended tools for Second Life at Ferd Frederix’ incredible site Phaze Desmesne. This Flickr viewer thing is so very shiny. I had already spent days looking at the … Continue reading

Listened to Radio Riel: Una Música Brutal Last Night, It Soothed The Savage Builder

Dhughan here, recommending Music For Builders. Whilst messing about with floating lanterns that fell 500 metres and buried themselves in abandoned mines in Steelhead St Helens, I listened to an excellent programme, hosted live by Carter Denja. Radio Riel is … Continue reading