Yeah, About That Making My #SecondLife Simpler Thing…

Last week, I blogged about making my #SecondLife simpler, more organized, and spending more time in creative pursuits and less time on mindless virtual farming, tending, planting, harvesting, cooking…and so on. Over the last couple of weekends, and late into … Continue reading

Second Life Newser: Interview With Gem Sunkiller

Long time reader of the #SecondLife newspaper the #SLNewser – you have to ignore the outdated look. #RelayForLifeInSecondLife is a huge fundraising event for the American Cancer Society, raising millions of real US dollars over the years. In the interview … Continue reading

Looks like someone’s a follower of #SecondLife #fashion #blogs

Nearly 100 trailblazing saris, including the first ever to be worn at the Met Gala, will be displayed in the UK as part of a new large-scale exhibition examining the garment’s modern reinvention. — Read on … Continue reading