It’s been a good few months since I did anything productive around my mainland holdings. I finally did some tidying up, and spent some time thinking about what I’d like to do next, and what my goals might be for accomplishing that.

I will probably be selling off some of my mainland holdings and throw in my lot with the excellent folks in Steelhead; they are a terribly creative bunch when it comes to home and store builds, air armadas, naval junks, and what-not.

Image: Second Life Land for Sale

My plans are up in the air, though; I will have to give matters serious thought.

I didn’t participate in this year’s Posada celebration for the Anglican Cathedral, because my house went to space for a while and it was never quite the same when it came back. Yet I really enjoyed having the house, and building it seemed to help me work through some issues from long ago, as it was roughly based on old childhood memories of the family home in the American Southwest.

It was fun having a posada party last year, with a friend DJing, but I didn’t get involved because I’ve become something of an online recluse. That needs to stop, because frankly the party was FUN and I’ve missed that.

Back in June, I went a little wild buying land – adjoining parcels became available – and then I sold off one of my first two parcels after the house ended up stuck between 2 large buildings, with no view. That’s when I moved my home to a little teahouse in the sky, built platforms for building and working on things, and spent very little time in the ground floor “shop” other than fiddling with the radio.

I had enjoyed my house on the back of Tintagel, but the neighbors to one side were very active socially (VERY, very, very publically active, ifyouknowwhatImean) and then I lost the nice view out the front windows when the land in front sold and a large building went up. That’s what prompted me to start buying land out on the sloping western edge of Tintagel, but it was not adjoining until the wild buying spree, when the biggest parcel of all became available that touched all but two of my holdings. That’s where I eventually spent the most time building, because it was convenient for rezzing large items from hunts and such.

I’m not sure why, but I became very frustrated with my lack of progress with creating things, especially with making little doodads with Sculptypaint. In the meantime, I kept acquiring more and more textures, and spent most of my time just sorting them into a texture viewer. Very boring, ultimately.

And I went on STEAM hunts 2 and 3, of course, but didn’t feel sufficiently inspired or empowered to make anything new.

Not sure why. But I’m trying to break through and come up with some inspiration, motivation, and direction; also I’ve let my modest GIMP skillz slide, so will have to make up lost ground there, too. But today I at least learned how to do something useful in GIMP that helped with a real-life web project that I’m responsible for, which I hope was an ice-breaker for me.

Finally, it was good to run into my friend Clover, who gave me a lovely birch-log holiday centerpiece she made. It’s outstanding, creative, and decorative; she’s the best at making nice items for the virtual home. And I hear that my friend BookemJackson Streeter might be hosting another author evening with Keith Thomson, and I would love to be involved with that again if possible. So I hope to get my second life back on some kind of creative track that can be enjoyable again, and not leave me feeling unable to start because there’s so much backlog of “things” and “stuff” to make, finish, or improve.

Not to mention actually OPENING a store, rather than having it perennially “coming soon.” Have to make stuff, to sell stuff, or so I’ve been told.

Besides music, exploring, and chatting with friends, I did enjoy building things -but I got more done when I did it in a classroom or structured educational environment. Need to do that again soon.

Dhughan continues to sell his walking sticks, but he’s not sure why because he’s become rather morosely convinced that they are not very good. He did make some progress the other day with an open-source walking stick script he found, which had totally baffled him several months ago. He would like to finish the rather attractive swirled Steampunk cane and get it working correctly; if he can do this, he will find it easier to correct some minor issues with his existing canes (he recently left his shop muttering something about hand animations and the ancestry of the Linden responsible for them).

My funding sources for Second Life, thank goodness, continue to be steady,  so I’ve changed the billing for both myself and Dhughan to PayPal (I feel for my friends who can’t use this method, it’s a US-based Resident thing only, apparently).Recent changes in the way Linden Labs accepts payment (ie., no longer via currency transactions in the old XStreetSL ) actually are simpler for me: I merely have to “increase credit” and the funds come from PayPal, from the correct source.

So I suppose I’m a Steampunk lady of independent means, as far as SL is concerned. Time I was about doing something productive in the New Year.

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  • RT @malburns ""Virtual Bookstores in Second Life: An Interview with Jackson Street Books"" #
  • Tenth Utah community Bans anti-gay discrimination, #10in2010 campaign FTW! #
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  • Swimming against the stream again, @SenatorKirk votes against START treaty, which passed safely. #headdesk #
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  • Need a good laugh, will re-read how Kenny Loggins ruined Christmas #
  • RT @m_ethaniel "New from Clover's Kitchen! Peppermint Hot Chocolate: #SL #SecondLife" Cute! Need to get that. #
  • Thinking of dumping most of my mainland holdings and throwing in my lot with Steelhead. @TLEclipse, may be contacting you later. #
  • Okay, I twibboned. Do I get a cookie? On a stick? #SL #
  • New CEO at Linden Labs means change for #SecondLife but good or bad? Wait and see #
  • RT @StNickEpiscopal Christmas Eve TONIGHT at 430pm (Family) and 9pm (Candlelight) in Elk Grove Village IL #
  • The typist will be singing at the 9pm service, and will be wiped out immediately after. Have yourselves a merry little Christmas. #
  • .@vicwu Sure, St Nicholas is my RL church. We've probably left food pantry donation bags at their door. Christmas lights are pretty there. #
  • @vicwu It's a cute community. You should have seen the Halloween decorations. #
  • @m_ethaniel hooray for Septic Santa! Did you give him cookies and milk? #
  • Laughing. Good food. More laughing. Improv: Leah velcroed to the ceiling after bungying up to change a light bulb. Good times. #fb #
  • Exhausted typist having a lie-in. No little typists to worry about. Last night's music was glorious, we choristers survived intact. #

Needed my awesome amplified, Torley comes through again

This is so helpful to me in my current “blocked” condition. Most of these entities are in my head, or I fear that I could turn into one of them.

an artist’s job is to make art

So keep creating. Can you relate?

“There will always be trolls, haters, critics, copiers, feedback both good and bad, and the artist must always express themselves in spite of this, to take in what is useful to them, let the rest go, and not get caught up in their own negativity.”

via Torley amplifies your awesome. • So keep creating..

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  • My neighbor has very nice furniture. I can tell because she deleted her house. #SL #NPIRL #BTDT #
  • I now deserve to wear the Flaming Sombrero of Shame; have been AFK for months. Forgot how to rez a box. #SL #
  • Oooowee! Need a nifty case for my new iPad. What shall I get? Something from #
  • @socratic Holky shit, we might need that Top Gear game, too. Also you should copyright "holky." #
  • @janakyomoon Thank you for the Gatwick airport snow image. It's useful in my other life. Will try to catch a show soon! #
  • RT @VexStreeter "Free author-signed copies of Scripting Your World, official guide to scripting in Second Life outside 210E @ #iitsec2010 quot; #
  • Oh, duh. Catch up to real time, Miss Carver. #headdesk #
  • @NPRScottSimon as a Duck from the 70's, I'm baffled by this concept of "WIN," but #goducks anyway! #fb #

The Great (Steampunk) Race

Spent an enjoyable few hours inworld for the first time in ages… what finally brought me back was recalling this excellent moving picture. Sadly, I missed its recent replay on the vid-box but perhaps I shall find more clips online.

Originally considered a critical flop, The Great Race was a specular box office hit, along with another Steampunk-esque race move of the time, “Those Magnificent Men and their Flying Machines”. It was nominated for five academy award, and won one Oscar. To this day, it still retains a “75% Freshness” rating at Rotten Tomatos (per Wikipedia).

via The Steampunk Tribune: The Great Race (1965), Saturday the 27th of November, on TCM

For the most part I merely sorted textures and oddments, but on a whim I attended a class in “role-play” at Caledon Oxbridge, as I’ve never had formal training. It was quite fun, and afterwards I stumbled onto a wonderful gift in my inventory that allowed me to make a rather stylish Western-style gent’s necklace or “bolo-tie” such as is worn on the American frontier. I shall have to work with it a bit more before revealing it. It was enough to actually make something again, and think seriously about improving my existing stock. I’ve been quite stuck, creatively, and have finally dipped a toe or two back in the water.



A Longer Update Soon

I am still here. Still here! And getting ready to leap back inworld. At least there are plenty of Second Life blogs to read in the meantime… and here is a secret code for the Technorati dwarven who insist on validating my ownership of this blog. 8WD6AGM3CEUY take that!

Soulless, Changeless: A Steampunk Fantasy Heroine For The Ages

I have read the first novel in this series, and found it highly engaging. Although not strictly a Steampunk genre novel, there are elements that make it a satisfying read for any resident of the Steamlands, especially those having an interest in the vampiric and lycanthropic clans in Second Life.

I should like to construct a battle umbrella like the one mentioned in the early chapters of the first book! There is a riveting battle between Miss Carriger’s heroine and a rather ill-mannered vampire of questionable antecedents, which sets up the story for the rest of the novel. The next novel in the series has eluded me thus far but I hope to obtain it on my next visit to my local independent bookseller.

IO9 posted a very good interview today with Ms. Gail Carriger, the author of Soulless and Changeless. They do a pretty much straightforward interview, but do allow her to extrapolate on the methodology she uses on the background for the Parasol Protectorate series. Do pay a visit to IO9’s piece with Ms. Carriger, at:

Via The Steampunk Tribune: IO9 Interview with Ms. Gail Carriger, author of Soulless and Changeless

Additionally, I should like to apologize for my appalling absence inworld of late. There have just been many enjoyable events taking place in my so-called “real” life lately; a visit from a dear old friend, for example. Also there have been a number of entertainments on the aetheric channels lately. However, a block of time is opening up for me this week, and I shall be celebrating my third rezzday next week, so I hope to re-connect with friends soon.

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