Tweekly Digest: 09-Mar – 15-Mar

DJ St Paddy Style in Second Life

Second Life DJs for St Patrick's Day

My friend DJ Pb Recreant has a regular gig playing tunes at the Blue Booby Bar in Escanes, mostly for members of the Cafe Wellstone politics and news chat group. He always has a pretty eclectic mix and takes requests.

On a whim I sent copies of the new St Patrick’s Day mesh vest for men that I put together from a kit to him and some of the other Cafe Wellstone guys, after he sent out a group message announcing the gig. Very kindly he sent back this screencap showing off the vest! That was really nice of him.

So of course I wrapped up the stuff I was doing and headed over to relax and listen to some not-quite-Irish remixes and interesting cuts of Celtic goodness.

It was a fun evening, always is as the Blue Booby Bar, whose motto is “My Eyes Are Up Here!”

Second Life Marketplace – @LC Green Velvet Shamrock Vest and 2 Shirts – MESH

St Patrick's Day Mens Vest - MESH

Happy St Patrick’s Day! Wear your Green Velvet Shamrock Vest to celebrate the wearing of the green, wear it any time of the year as the pattern is subtle.

via Second Life Marketplace – @LC Green Velvet Shamrock Vest and 2 Shirts – MESH.

My first foray into mesh clothing kits – I redid the textures on the outer and inner vest (the outer green velvet is my texture, the inner one is a beautifully detailed velvet pattern that was given out full perm).

There are TWO mesh shirts, alphas for all, and the alpha textures if you need to tweak for your shape (especially on the bottom layer.

I’ve also included an alpha so that the vest can be worn with bare arms or system shirts.

Tweekly Digest: 23-Feb – 01-Mar

Blowing The Dust Off for Mardi Gras, and a Lenten Vow

Mardi Gras in St John Parish

After a long time away from my inworld home and friends, I made it back in time for bon temps in St John Parish. The party was held in the Maison Bleu club, hosted by the inimitable DJ Holocluck.

The music was terrific and the typist got up and danced.

I will be working on some new projects – sadly, I won’t be participating in STEAM X as a merchant, but happily I will be a hunter! I just felt I needed to improve my building skills, and I’ve taken a vow during Lent to try to do something toward learning Blender or creating products with mesh every day for these long 40 days (and yes, including Sundays, so even more).

I’ll be adding some new fun Grid Explorer hats for Dinkies avatars – currently the ones I have out aren’t sized or rotated for the small li’l big-headed kitties so I’ll be doing some rework.

However, starting with a fun mesh kit from Meli Imako, I’m working on some nice men’s vests and a women’s outfit.

Here’s a preview of one I’m working up with a pretty shamrock pattern in velvet. This will probably change a bit as the base color on the outer vest will probably end up a dark bottle green. There’s a shirt that goes along with it that needs some texturing work. Standard sizes will be available along with the usual alpha mask.


Dhughan will also come out of hibernation earlier than usual, and he’ll be working on some new walking sticks, also in mesh.

Baby steps, but we’re feeling more optimistic that it’s just a question of hard work and practice, practice, practice. This means that I’ll be reviving my little OpenSim workspace so that uploads don’t break the bank, but if you happen to see me online, give me a shout.

Tweekly Digest: 29-Dec – 04-Jan

My Big Fat Geek Suggestion for Second Life – Group Pages with RSS Feeds!

What’s the one thing Linden Lab could do that would have the biggest impact on further improving your Second Life experience?

Many Second Life users have thoughts on this – from different approaches for the way things are done today, to brand new features that could dramatically improve their experiences, to seemingly small things that could have a big impact. Today, we’re launching an easier way to share your ideas with us, a new “Feedback & Suggestions” page on You can also find this page by going to Help and finding New Feature Suggestions in the drop down.

via A New Way to Share Your Suggestions for Second Lif… – Second Life.

I admit, I haven’t been very active lately, and haven’t been logging in. Yet I stay more or less current by reading blogs, Twitter feeds, and checking in on Facebook with Second Life friends (including some Steelhead denizens).

However, my mailboxen get totally crammed full of group notices, marketing notices, and stuff that I pretty much delete en masse. I’d like to stay current and maybe hear about a new class I could take (classes are always a good way for me to get recharged about things like building, creating, and trying something new).

Indigo Mertel recently blogged about some suggestions she would like that are specific to groups, and then she added a few more. She is founder of the East River Community, so improvements to group communication are clearly her motivation.

My motivations are less lofty; I just want to remove all the excess chaff from my (multiple) inboxes.

Second Life Suggestion, Group Page RSS

I’ve submitted my suggestion, but of course there’s no upvote capability so I’d apprecate if readers could also add a similar suggestion if they find the idea helpful! Let’s reduce the crap from our inboxen and free ourselves from the tyranny of email!

Time Lord Walking Sticks – For Time Travelers And Country Gentlemen

Huzzah and such! A new product (actually, a pair of them):

Time Lord Walking Stick at Second Life Marketplace

Time Lord Walking Stick - Dark Ram's Horn

In honor of the newest Doctor, the walking stick of the First Doctor. This is a common country-gentleman style, so it’s not limited to SF roleplay.

via Second Life Marketplace – @DF@ Timelord Walking Stick – Light Ram's Horn.

I’m very happy to get this done, it’s been a hard slog of prim-twisting, image-wrangling, and animation-tweaking (not to mention script-monkeying).

Good Lord, is that the time? Doesn’t matter, just hop in the old TARDIS and arrive just in time for breakfast, well rested!

The sticks are in honor of The First Doctor, who carried a similar walking stick and apparently fended off something called the Zarbi with it.

This new Doctor Who feller may well end up with a cane, too, if his rabid fan based have anything to say about it. There might be bunnies.

Royal Wedding or Ascot Hats Fat Pack in #SecondLife #SLMarketplace

Introducing the Royal Wedding or Ascot Hat Fatpack. When unboxed you’ll have 7 hats, plus one extra rotated for a side-brim look.

7 Summer Wedding or Ascot Hats

Royal Wedding/Ascot Hats Fat Pack

Colors: Allspice, Blueberry, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Grape, Laurel, and Mustard. Also sold separately.

Great for spring or summer weddings, garden parties, polo events, or just looking elegantly cool and collected.

  • Late Victorian/Edwardian Style
  • Prim/Sculpt construction
  • Fits Mesh or Classic Avatars
  • Resizeable (larger size fits bigger hair for a different look)
  • Rotate for a side view look!

via Second Life Marketplace – @LC@ Royal Wedding or Ascot Hats Fat Pack.

St Helens Dry Goods – We’ve Got You Covered!

St Helens Dry Goods – We’ve Got You Covered!


Here’s a variety of hats with lots of different texture options. Some of these are available sized and rotated for Dinkies kitty avatars and classic Tinies, but should all be modifiable.

The Chameleonic hats have texture switcher scripts for the hat bands and bodies, and most of them also have a resizer in the root prim. Just touch the band or body to get a texture menu.

Texture Change Top Hats – mostly unisex


Chameleonic Nouveau Velvet – SL Marketplace


Chameleonic Nouveau Wools – SL Marketplace


Chameleonic Medicine Hat – SL Marketplace

Time Warp700x525

Chameleonic Time Warp for Humans and Dinkies – SL Marketplace


Chameleonic Brocade Top Hat – SL Marketplace

Drop by the shop in St Helens any time to see other items, like foldable mesh screens, wall fountains, and some lighting and other household items.

Mahalo, Thank You!
Lelani Carver

Send me an IM anytime if you encounter perms issues or have a question.
via St Helens Dry Goods – Hats – SLUniverse Forums.