Chores Done and Left Undone

My to-do list today of everything I didn’t need to get done

  • Created a spreadsheet of all my Markeplace items
  • Put the mesh screens on sale on MP and Caspervend
  • Sorted inventory at the Mieville Inventory Sorting Party hosted by DJ Ktadnh
  • Accidently deleted a bunch of STEAM IX gifts instead of sorting AUGH
  • Called it a day and decided to have a lovely beverage at dinner

My to-do list today of what I meant to do FIRST THING and left to the end, undone:

  • List new Grid Explorer’s Pith Helmet, Men’s Brocade
  • List new Grid Explorer’s Pith Helmet, Men’s Purple Stripe
  • List new Grid Explorer’s Pith Helmet, Men’s Green and Bronze Leather
  • List new Grid Explorer’s Pith Helmets, texture change/fatpack
  • List new Grid Explorer’s Pith Helmet, Women’s Brocade with Ribbon
  • List new Grid Explorer’s Pith Helmet, Women’s Purple Stripe with Ribbon
  • List new Grid Explorer’s Pith Helmet, Women’s Green and Bronze Leather with Ribbon
  • List new Grid Explorer’s Pith Helmets, Women’s texture change/fatpack
  • List new Animated Folding Mesh Screen – Jungle Temple
  • List new Animated Folding Mesh Screen – Romancing the Steam

That’s a lot of products in the pipeline – at least the inventory is organized but the holdup is creating product images. My workflow for that is all fouled up (ie., SNAFU).


Folding Mesh Screens On Sale for Spring in Second Life

I’ve put all of my animated folding mesh screens on sale, for the most part about 50% off!

In honor of Cherry Viewing Season (the loveliest season in Japan and the Japan-themed sims) this one is a special favorite: “Sakura Sunset”
Folding Mesh Screen for Second Life
Folding Mesh Room Screen – “Sakura Sunset,” on sale at the Second Life Marketplace (click image to see listing).
The image is based on a screenphoto taken at sunset in one of the Japanese-themed sims of Second Life, with a bit of arty post-processing. The screen is moddable and the package includes the original image.

“Dancing Oiran”
Dancing Oiran
Another piece based on a photo taken inworld, this screen shows an oiran (a specific type of geisha or artist/dancer similar to a courtesan) dancing with a layer of particle ground fog adding to the mood. This is more of an autumnal piece, but it’s on sale too.

Also in honor of spring, “Duc du Berry Printemps”
Printemps Duc Du Berry Folding Mesh Screen
Created for last year’s Antique Grid Show hunt, this screen is based on the famous “Book of Hours” owned by the Duc du Berry, depicting typical activities in the spring months.

Also on sale: “Gold Matsu Pines”

And finally “Bright Chrysanthemum”

The screens can be viewed, touched and played with at my shops in Pini and Steelhead St Helens.

(also crossposted on my blog, which is more marketing-oriented)

How to: Photoshop Filters in The GIMP | Random Ramblings, Tip & Tricks

It is possible to get Photoshop filters up and running in The GIMP. It just requires a little legwork to set up. This has been tested to work on The GIMP 2.6.7, which is the latest release at the time of this post. I can’t comment or advise on any earlier version, but the good news is GIMP is freeeeeee, so upgrading won’t hurt your wallet.

via How to: Photoshop Filters in The GIMP | Random Ramblings, Tip & Tricks.

This is where I stopped for the night – after installing several new GIMP scripts, including one that was written as an alternative to the Flaming Pear Solidify script, which I downloaded but evidently won’t work in GIMP.

Some of the other Flaming Pear freebies do work, and the new scripts are AWESOME – a group of 2.8 compatible scripts from that include some nifty “stroke text” and “add arrow” functions that make something as tedious as outlining text slick and wonderful.

I still have to get something called “PSPI” installed and then I have to follow the instructions to attempt to get “Multi-Chan Hax” running, but using this alternative to Solidify, which seems to work (sort of).

Very, very slowly fooling with making clothing. I wore some tonight, anyway. It still needs work and I don’t know what I’m doing, yet.

SL Newser – Fashion: Steelhead Shops Participate in Steam IX Hunt

Hey! I got some press! Whaddya know!

SL Newser image link

The third shop on Steelhead is the dry goods shop found at Settlement 601 – St Helens Dry Goods Frontier Supplies, Steelhead St Helens (68, 156, 38). St. Helens Dry Goods is Shop #117 in the Hunt. They offer a very good cup of expresso to visitors, which I enjoyed while I looked around.
They have all the items you might expect in a dry goods store, including a little furniture, some lamps, a variety of hats, and even gentlemen’s walking sticks. Plan to spend a few minutes looking around this quaint shop.

via SL Newser – Fashion: Steelhead Shops Participate in Steam IX Hunt

Aw, that’s a very nice article. The other Steelhead shops in STEAM IX are Lumi’s shop Luminous Designs [Steelhead St Helens (214, 33, 37)] and Searra Weatherwax’s shop SparkWorks [Steelhead (149, 224, 25)]

Hurray for STEAM IX, and hurray for Steelhead, says I. My hunt item isn’t hard to find… this time around I get a list of visitors (and hurray for that).

Stop by my shop, click on the big STEAM IX sign to the left of the door, and get started on the hunt – it ends March 31.

PERMS PERDITION, or the No Copy/No Mod Blues

Good lord. It couldn’t have been a more rookie mistake – perms weren’t set right on an item that I recently sold. Fortunately, the purchaser contacted me to let me know. I assumed (incorrectly) that doing a global perms reset would fix it.


Then I started looking for the problem in the wrong place – wasted time looking for the original textures and sculpt map.


It was the plain old “Next owner” checkboxes on the first edit tab.

WHAT? TOO SIMPLE! My problems and errors must be more complex than that!

While futzing around (the typist insisted on eating dinner, very lax of her) Dhughan got an IM from a customer with a perms problem. Yes, an unrelated product, same problem – D’OH.

We’re both looking sidelong at the typist and not looking forward to digging into our vendor drop boxes and SL Marketplace folders.

Both of us sent update via the most useful vendor set ever, Caspervend – I set up a product update to everyone that had purchased that particular product, Dhughan did the same for his, and my customer thanked me for sending the update within a few moments. I have it set up so that all my Marketplace sales are tracked (so does Dhughan), so everyone that purchased my dumb product (it was one of the pet beds) and it sends updates to everyone.

WHAT a huge timesaver Caspervend is! I may be cluefree (and Dhughan too) about checking the perms boxes (I think I had an advanced build setting in Firestorm set to do that) but Caspervend is such a huge help to frazzled merchants.

STEAM IX continues… at least 120 people have come through the shop. Maybe I’d better double check those perms (kidding, I verified with alts on everything before packing, just hope there’s not a perms changing bug).

Virtual Treasure Hunters: Time to Gear Up for STEAM IX

There’s treasure out there in the Steamlands waiting for you to discover it – at midnight SL time March 1, STEAM IX begins.

If you start at my shop in Steelhead St Helens, the sign to the left of the doorway has the link to the beginning of the hunt and helpful information.

I’m participating, although Dhughan is sitting this one out. The theme this time is “Romancing the STEAM IX” so many treasure hunters will be looking for a big heart-shaped emerald of some kind, but with a steampunk twist to the narrative.

It seems like most would need protective headgear while hunting, and a nice dressing-room screen for trying on clothes afterwards. I started off by trying to make clothing, but ran out of time on my desktop computer, which has all of my graphics files and what-not. I’ve been voluntarily marooned on a desert island for the last two weeks, so I went with the accessories I had ready, rather than the full on outfit I’d been working on. The laptop I’m on at the moment isn’t quite the thing for serious texture work, but I’m providing 3 different versions (these aren’t texture change, just different bands) and a men’s and women’s version.

This is one of the women’s versions – they have flexi ribbons off the back and and no strap on the front brim. The men’s versions have a knotted band, and a leather chinstrap flipped up on the brim.

women's pith helmet - embroidered

In addition to the different pith helmets, I’m throwing in 2 folding mesh screens – they both have exotic temple carving images.

The fun starts at midnight and goes through March 31 – so get ready to find some amazing things!

(and maybe, just maybe after the typomonkey gets back to the home desktop, I’ll get that outfit finished)

Tweekly Digest: 21-Feb – 27-Feb

  • Typomonkey eating stupid delicious lunch, but at least she's on a proper island. ->
  • Never fear, @EbbeNeedsTo, AMO'T vehicles are here! They'll run damsels over long before a train comes by! in reply to EbbeNeedsTo ->
  • MT @EbbeNeedsTo Revive the Second Life Railroad! Villains tying damsels to the tracks, wait days for a train to run them over! ->
  • @JC_Christian Ah, Blackadder. The false boobies, we hardly knew ye. in reply to JC_Christian ->
  • On the other hand, she's got tons of new whale friends. Thousands of tons. ->
  • Need to work on #STEAMIX stuff but typomonkey is on vacation. ->
  • @marimccann HAPPY REZ DAY! Many happy "hit return to log ins" ->
  • THIS. RT @EbbeNeedsTo Replace Welcome Island with Caledon Oxbridge! (Um… you know, this one might actually make sense.) ->

Suggestion Box and Question Time for Ebbe Altberg, New #SecondLife CEO

It’s been a week or so since Ebbe Altberg was announced as the new CEO of Second Life, and I’ve seen quite a few suggestions for him.

First, there’s Inara Pey’s very useful short profile – and Altberg himself shows up in the comments.

Ciaran Laval notes that Altberg starts off well enough, with an informal official blog post and stopping by to comment on SL resident blogs, but wonders if Ebbe needs moar orc.

Jo Yardley of 1920′s Berlin even had a chance to talk with him, so she solicited questions in “What you want to ask Ebbe Altberg, new CEO of Linden Lab?”

Daniel Voyager summarized the recent meeting with SL journalists, and notes that a transcript is available, and that Draxtor Despres recorded it also.

From reading up on Ebbe Altberg’s bio (now that he’s Ebbe Linden) it’s clear that he was actually around during the early beta test, and his son was very active.

Daniel Voyager summarized the meet-and-greet with SL journalists, and also noted that Draxtor Despres recorded the session, and that a transcript is available.

He’s even posted to the official community forum, though how long that will last is doubtful:

I don’t really consider myself a ‘gamer,’ but I also don’t think that ‘game’ would describe Second Life either, and I’ve found Second Life intriguing for a long time. In addition to having personally explored the virtual world a bit back when it first started (of course I’m diving in more now), my son was a very active Resident as a teenager, and I’ve been consistently impressed by the incredible things the Second Life community creates. I’m proud to be joining the team that enables this level of creativity, and as I said in our press release, I’m committed to supporting our customers to help you become even more successful.

My suggestion: he should ask his friends and family members who DON’T have any previous SL experience to sign up for new accounts, and report their “brand new user experiences” back to him. He needs to know how difficult it is to sign up on your own, and how freshly minted new residents often get dumped into random hub areas where they’re easily targeted by griefers and people of bad intent (ie., people waiting to “befriend” new people into doing things they maybe shouldn’t, like working in a strip club or accepting virtual enslavement).

Many have cited the need for a Mentors program again, and I’ll continue to bang the drum for the Community Gateways concept that was so successful, yet was abandoned by SL. I still say that hands down, Caledon Oxbridge University is one of the best places a new person can start, because it’s designed to teach you as you learn to walk, and there are helpful people hanging about (and classes are actually in session along the path a newly rezzed person follows). If you follow this SLUrl link and sign up as a new person, you will still rez at their orientation point, just as you would when the Community Gateway program was in full swing.

Besides my suggestion, my question, should I ever encounter Ebbe, is “if you had stayed inworld after the beta test, would you still be a landowner, or would you have given up in disgust over tier, the homestead debacle, or something else?”