Weekly Tweets 2012-08-12

  • Typist became hikist and went here. http://t.co/wb0f1B9i #
  • @isfullofcrap Myst FTW! You! Shall Not! Starve! #
  • @sandeepparikh A sad day for the Sikh community, and for all people. May the world learn more about this peaceful and tolerant faith. #
  • NOW can I finally get my freaking jetpack? It's the future already! #
  • BRRRRR-IIIINNNG! RT @Darien_Mason RT @StephLaberis: WORST NIGHTMARE CONFIRMED. http://t.co/mvxXCVrH #
  • Or is that JPL Mohawk Guy?RT @doctorow RT @jukevox: NASA Mohawk guy has a Tumblog: http://t.co/lERMaenQ #
  • Muppetry nominal. RT @Darien_Mason RT @rosscott: Okay this shot from @MarsCuriosity actually explains a lot. http://t.co/3DQPElhK #
  • @Darien_Mason @stephlaberis TELEPHOOOONNNNE!!!! #
  • @xeni There were plenty of women in Mission Control, WTH? And HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Many MANY happy returns. #
  • @StephLaberis I am still laughing about this. Also NASA Mohawk Guy. #
  • @boxleitnerbruce Life on Mars sort of confirmed within a few minute after first pictures. Credit @StephLaberis http://t.co/awXo0pD5 #
  • @StephLaberis You should report your sighting… http://t.co/3Vpixrdm #
  • @Eye_on_events The YipYip 'shop was originally posted by @stephlaberis #
  • Another day outworld with limited 'net access. OTOH, there might be moose. Meese. Moosen. #
  • @isfullofcrap My sister's in that one, she puts that shit in everything except wine. #
  • Typist bids farewell to the Silver Valley and family, on to more adventure in Glacier Park. #
  • ATVs are a big thing in the Idaho Panhandle. With a dog box in back labeled "TIMBER" or "Chipmunk Chaser." Street legal in RL #
  • @m_ethaniel will try to be inworld, on MDT here. Hope all ok. #
  • @HolocluckHenly Thank you! Fair winds inworld to you. #
  • According to @lizzwinstead Rove stumping in Mt Bachelor OR. He was just in Whitefish MT, touring Western GOP golf resorts? Via jet? #
  • One advantage RL beverages have over #SecondLife drinks: no sip script required. http://t.co/6IwYmjbf #
  • No, I dont mind if you peek at the typist. RT @GinnyRED57 I checked in at The Craggy Range Bar & Grill on #Yelp http://t.co/Zp3aQ7fw #
  • So it's R-Money and R-Ayn, then. Dear seniors, this nice young man is coming for your Medicare. http://t.co/M2bDM1q0 #
  • It's just too easy. R-Money and R-Ayn, "I've got my stack, screw you, Jack." #Ryan #selfwritingslogans #
  • @MorikoInshan Hear you on that. #
  • @upwithchris @maddow The R-Money/R-Ayn ticket can't lose with the base. Can't win with any other demographic. #
  • They're not the Comeback Team, they're the Setback Team. #rMoneyrAyn #Ryan #uppers #
  • RT @fullofbalogna RT “@toodle52: Paul Ryan Booed By Seniors At Town Hall Meeting in Milton, Wisconsin ttp://t.co/SrY3je53 via @youtube” #
  • Correction: Every TIME RT @upwithchris Romney corrects himself: "Every now and then I'm known to make a mistake." #uppers #
  • Amercia! Greet your Wayback Team! Now, if you'll all step into the machine, we can undo a century of progress. #Ryan #rMoneyrAyn #

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