Builders Gotta Build. Blenders Gotta Blend.

As my RL vacation ends I look forward to building again, and will try to comprehend Blender once again. Every time I make a start, I get stymied by class schedules; it seems best to just go the tutorial route as below.

It took me about three days to learn how to do in Blender, albeit clumsily, pretty much anything I can do with prims, starting from having looked at Blender a couple of times and thought WTF. I expect it’ll take me the rest of my life to learn how to do it really well, though.

For what it’s worth, it was a combination of the Blender Cookie Basics and Gaia Clary’s Coffee Cup tutorials that kick-started me.

Link: Mere prim & Magnificent Mesh! – SLUniverse Forums

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