Finally, some new stuff for sale in my #SecondLife store

I’ve been absent lately from my shop and my group events, owing to a pesky problem with arm and shoulder pain (stupid Real World Problems(tm) anyway).

But today I came back with a purpose – my friend Mistletoe opened the Festival of King Richard in Lionheart Ahadi – here’s the SLURL:

There’s storytelling and (I think) some music events planned – here’s Mist enjoying a tale:


I managed to get my little booth set up with a few minutes to spare – fortunately most of my products currently can go in various eras. But I managed to quickly put together 2 new wall fountain/windows with projection lighting, and also I had the Duc de Berry “Printemps” mesh folding screen from the Antique Grid Show. After that burst of productivity, I even managed to get them all listed on the Marketplace and loaded into my vendors.


Here’s the way it looks folded:


The screen is available here:

The new Celtic Rainbow Knot fountain – I tweaked a full-perm image I had so that it displayed in front of the water – it has the usual soothing water sounds and the ability to turn the volume up, down, off, and on.


It has projection lighting (settings must be on Ultra to view) and is found on the Marketplace here.

And this is a similar one with a Victorian stained glass window embedded in the waters – it’s dimly visible, but the projection lighting shows it clearly. The lighting effects for both fountains are on just one side – touch the gold lampshade at the top to turn it on and off.


This fountain is available here.

Latest products at this link: Second Life Marketplace – Chameleonic Possessions by Lelani Carver

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