Discomfortable Disconnect

It’s been a tough month or two for the typist; currently she’s on her fourth “ergonomic” office chair seeking a more comfortable balance of chair height, monitor height, keyboard height, mouse distance. Her RL job now involves MUCH heavier keyboarding, and she’s got 2 “offices,” one for work in an otherwise uselessly small little room (euphemistically called a “nursery” but she scoffs at such useage). Her mousing arm has been getting pretty painful and she’s duly been working through the ergo guides provided by her company and trying to avoid seeing a doctor, because BOTHERATION.

The RL work office has more adjustment possibilities, and seems to be set up for the most neutral position (keyboard, chair height, mouse angle) it can get without being installed on the International Space Station (they probably have an opening for a Twitter person).

The RL “play office” has a decently adjustable chair, but a crap desk purchased without much thought about ergonomics from Office Despot. And also an heirloom desk, solid maple, currently used as a return or credenza, which is completely the wrong height for keyboarding. We’re trying it out in a slightly different configuration today with some cobbled-together stuff that seems to be comfortable enough. We shall see if the typist’s daily consumption of Ibuprofen gets reduced.

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