Mostly fixed. Going to bed now.


We’re baaaaaack. All the DFS products are displaying in the vendors, and I’m about halfway through a mess of Chameleonic hats. #LCBlog

Mayflower Isle Visit location


All quiet at Dirty Farm Rats, too. #LCBlog

Lobster Beach Visit location


The main store in Tweddle needs some work to get the Chameleonic Possessions stuffs fixed. So I took a break and went old-timey on the error image. See for more updates. #LCBlog

Tweddle Visit location

Well, That Didn’t Go Well

Never stay up too late tinkering with things, and definitely, don’t do “bulk updates” without being fully conscious.

Oops in Second Life

Ooops. I just did a bulk update on some of my products and changed almost all the textures to “DFS Product Coming Soon.” And I retired everything, too. WHEE. I’ll be here all night.

 everything, too. WHEE. I’ll be here all night.

Tweddle Visit location

I’ve been busy in Second Life; too busy, I told myself, to blog about activities, experiences, and developments. I wish that SL allowed an RSS feed on the internal profile feed, as it’s currently the quickest way to export photos and snapshots out.

I can no longer post directly to Facebook from within SL; that feature has been turned off.

I can’t post to Twitter anymore either; I revoked access a while back and now I can’t figure out how to re-connect.

I CAN post to Flickr, so maybe I can use IFTT to pick up pictures and put them in either of my self-hosted or blogs

I used to be able to cross post to either blog from WordPress, but hey, I may have screwed that up too, at some time.

So how’s YOUR Second Life going? Mine kept me up until 4AM last night, trying to fix my stupid error, and I can’t even easily grab screenshots to illustrate the problem without complicated workarounds and shortcuts, which is what got us here in the first place.

And I just burned about 6 hours today already futzing around trying to get old connections between this blog, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and IFTTT working.

At least none of my virtual livestock died, and I now have a snazzy new Facebook page for my virtual, chameleonic businesses. Apparently, this is the way it has to be now.

My personal Facebook account for SL apparently shouldn’t be connected via the blog? Whatever.

Here are some recent photos from various feeds, directories, lost and found repositories, and about-to-be-forgotten-again accounts.

Lelani Carver's Chaotic Second Life

Earlier That Day, It Was Going So Well

Happy $LSixerday! All DFS Meals and Snacks are $L6 today, thanks to a “D” grade from the Second Life Department of Virtual Health. It seems most of my DFS meals are nearing their “pull date.” Drop by today, or ptomain tomorrow!

Bruda Plateau Visit location

This little jokey promo went really well earlier. I posted that my virtual foods were nearing their “sell by” date and I’d gotten a “D” rating from the “SL Department of Virtual Health” and cut prices for “meals and snacks” that give energy in the inworld “Digital Farming Systems” game to just $L6. People showed up and I quickly sold out of older stock that wasn’t selling (this game is designed to make you buy high or work hard, then sell low). At least that part was fun.

Then later, much later after a nice jaunt in RL where I ran into an old friend and went to dinner, I came back, started messing around with Caspervend (the inworld tool for selling items), and screwed up royally.

Anyway, here are more photos to look at while I’m off banging on things.

Dinkie Farmer in Second Life

A Dinkies farmer’s work is never done. Also, one of my lady sheeps had a baby, so hooray!

Bruda Plateau Visit location


Previously, This Happened: Ice Cream Emergency!


Ice Cream Emergency in Second Life!

URGENT ICE CREAM EMERGENCY!! Due to an error with a time machine, this ice cream freezer is located in an era without electricity! Please halp! DFS Ice Cream Cones $L5, DFS Ice Cream Tubs $L10… or until it melts.

Tamura Visit location

As a sales promotion, this worked REALLY WELL. The folks at DFS have a fun and actually pretty addictive product, but the sales notices from hundreds of people get kind of tedious. It just made sense to “make ’em laugh.” And also, I sold out of virtual ice cream really fast. I’m trying to simplify my Second Life by focusing on just a few primary products for this DFS thing, and get rid of old stock that wasn’t priced low enough to move. Interesting.

So Much To Catch Up On!

After yet another long break from virtual reality, I got back in the saddle, got a group gift out at my shops, and decided to start some new kit projects.

Once again, starting my biennial tussle with Blender, and managed to update one of my previous items, a versatile little crate. I was very excited to discover a VERY comprehensive class offered by Graham Dartmouth of Blender Benders, and attended the introductory class for the Green group.

A chance comment by my friend Mistletoe led me to DFS (Digital Farm Systems) and the last 3 weeks have been spent in a flurry of activity, taking a 2000m flat green parcel and turning it into a productive farm (livestock, produce, manure) and setting up market stalls and “Pop-Karts” at my roadside farm stands.

It’s addictive but also a structured way to produce new content and products, which has recharged my SL batteries! It has been a great experience, meeting new people and getting excited about new projects.

See all this activity via my Flickr photostream and my SL profile feed; please follow for updates!

I will be participating in the grid-wide STEAM HUNT XIV after passing on it for several years. I was touched to receive a personal invitation from organizer Perryn Petersen; he must have seen my daily, near constant presence building, planting, tending, and harvesting. He also invited me to show products at the Hunt Expo. The hunt will be 01MAR-31MAR, and my Steelhead Bay dry goods shop will be the stop.

Landmarks are in the photos for now.

LETS BLOW THINGS UP!! – Mistletoe Ethaniel’s Blog

Mistletoe’s BACK!

Pass it on! I’ll be giving my first fireworks show in four years this Sunday (April 29th) at 7:30 PM SLT at Toot Toots Carolina Pub in the sim of Sifton (SLurl to be added soon)! The theme is “Spring Spectacular” and will feature uplifting classical music to accompany the beautiful explosions from Bach, Beethoven,…
— Read on

Future Projects in OpenSim: TJ Texture Junction Textures #SecondLife

Thank goodness for generous EULAs.

Whee! TJ-Texture Junction’s policies allow use in any world, so the textures I already bought (and love) can be used on my projects in Open Sim.

“You are free to use my textures in builds in SL or any other world just please do not resell them as textures…” – Texture Junction/Philomena Steampunk

This is a huge help. Just looking at these textures helps me “see” what I could do with my Expo project. I also got some templates that will spiff up the basic ones that are widely (too widely) available in OS.

This makes the second NPC figure/model for the expo show a lot easier to polish up. I need to tweak the top hat – it needs more brim curve and the upper part needs a little extra oomph. The “clockade” part is going to get some other stuff added as I go.

Once I get the exhibit up, the outfit will be set up on Kitely market.